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Market America Business Plan Overview

After watching, if you are interested in learning more then what was presented in this Market America Business Plan Overview, then please contact me


Here's the video overview

Robert Kiyosaki: The Business of the 21st Century - the presentation

My Notes and Quotes from The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

Don't be distracted by the headlines there is always going to be some idiotic buzz going on that tries to pull your attention away from the serious business of building your life. Its just noise. Whether its terrorism, recession, or the latest election-cycle scandals, its got nothing to do with what you need to be3 doing to da6 ot build your future.

The economy is not the issue. The issue is you.

As a network marketer, you might think your job is to demonstrate and sell a product. It's not. Your job is to communicate information, to tell a great story and build a network.

Many of the most successful network marketers I've ever seen have been coaches, moms, pastors, teachers -- people who really enjoy telling stories and helping others. Network marketing is about caring about the success of those your bring into the business.

It's not sales... the key success to sales is what you can do... the key success to network marketing is what you can duplicate.

"If you don't really have to be a top salesperson, ,and you don't have to be an expert speaker or presenter, what do you do? Why does the company even need you?

Your Network. That's why it's called network marketing. that why the company needs you and why they pay you. As a network marketer your job description so to speak is to connect with people, invite them to experience the products you are excited about and take a look at the information you have, and then follow u p with them. then once they've decided to join you in the business, you share with them y our enthusiasm, your experiences, and you help them learn to do what you have learned to do,. Here again, there are digital tools that can take a huge amount of the burden and expertise of training off your shoulders. Your job is to build relationships, have conversations, explorer possibilities, get to know people and help them get to understand what this business is all about.

In Network marketing you are the messenger... not the message

If you have ever helped build a soccer league, PTA group, chess club, taken part in a political campaign, church committee coached little league or formed your own band... then you know what it's like building a network.

Very few people are skilled at selling but practically anyone can become skilled at networking, coaching and team building.

The military develops a leader who inspires men and women to defend their country. the world of business develops a type of leader who builds teams to beat the competition... Network Marketing tends to develop the type of leader who influences others by being a great teacher, teaching others to fulfill their life's dreams by teaching others to go for their dreams.

Instead of beating the enemy or beating the competition, most network marketing leaders simply inspire and teach others to find the financial bounty this world offers without harm to others.

Traditional schools train you to be a good employee. They focus on one thing only:your mental ability. If you can solve equations and do well on tests, then you're considered smart enough to run a company... that's ridiculous.

Wealth and money are not the same thing. wealth is not measured by the3 size of income. Wealth is measured in time. If all I have to my name is $1000.00 and my living expenses are $100.00 a day, then my wealth equals 10 days.

One reason the rich get richer is that the rich work for a different kind of money. they don't work to generate income -- they work to build wealth. There is a vast different between the two.

One of the most profound values of a network marketing business -- and it is one that the great majority of people who look at this business do not quote grasp -- is that it is an engine of personal wealth creation.

4 simple steps that Robert Kiyosaki took with his wife to financial freedom from having nothing to being financial free in 9 years:

1. build a business

2. reinvest in your business

3. invest in real estate (They purchased apartment houses because they were the best tax write offs

4. Let your assets buy luxuries

One of the most valuable things about network marketing is that they stress the importance of going for your dreams. Notice, I didn't say, "The importance of having dreams" They don't just want you to have dreams they want you to live those dreams.

What's more, they encourage you to dream big.

Traditional businesses are often not too keen on you having big dreams, they prefer modest dreams: brief summer vacation, maybe a small time share, hobby you enjoy, game of golf on Sunday... nothing wrong with that... but it's a small life compared to dreaming big.

That's the difference between "I can't afford that" and "How can I afford that?"

There are plenty of people that try to smother dreams without meaning to, but their words are deadly:

You can't do that

That's too risky

If it's such a good idea, why hasn't someone else done it

Let me tell you why it won't work

Do you know how hard that is

do you know h9ow many people have failed at that

Look at people that are saying that... and decide.. if they are people that have already given up on their dreams.

Network Marketing is a powerful business for women.,. it is populated b nearly 4 times more women then men.

Network marketing is at it's core s relationship business. it does not revolve around sales... it revolves around connections.

Statistics about women:

47 percent of women over 50 are single, and financially responsible for themselves. women retirement income is less than that of men because as the primary care giver they are usually away from the work force an average of 14 years.

Women are expected to live an average of 7 - 10 years longer than men which means they must provide for those extra years

of the elderly living in poverty, 3 out of 4 are women.

approximately 7 out of every 10 women will some time live in poverty

Wealth building is a necessity.

How to choose which network marketing opportunity to join

When choosing a company to work with, the product is NOT the most important consideration

because, you are NOT taking a job as a sales person.. you are going into business for yourself and that business is in network building.

the question you need to ask is " Is this company going to help me learn to become a master network builder'

look carefully, many network marketing companies say they have great educational plans, but not all do. IN some companies that were looked into, the only training they had was a recommended book list and they focused on training you to recruit your friends and family.

ask yourself about the company

Who's running the ship

Does the company offer a proven plan of action

does the company embrace both business skills and personal development as a regular part of its educational and training programs

does the company have a strong high quality and highly marketing product line that you can be passionate about

don't be fooled by people telling you that the trick to getting rich is being with a brand new company or a 5 year old company ora35 year old company. there is no magic formula. What you want is a company that gives you clear signs that it's going  to be there for the long haul.

Proven Plan of Action

The most lucrative and viable network marketing opportunities will not expect you to reinvent the wheel. Instead they will offer plans of action to help you create the success you're after. For example, a training guide that will have suggested daily and weekly activities


Make sure the company places a high value on regular training both in business skills, character development and personal growth

Quality product

Even if it's not consideration no 1. the company's product is critically important

Democratic wealth building

A network marketing system is setup to make it possible for anyone to share in the wealth. The system is open to anyone who has drive, determination and perseverance.

Network marketing is more than just a good idea, in many ways, it is the business model of the future, Why because the world is finally starting to awaken to the reality that the industrial age is over.

despite what its detractors will tell you, network marketing is not a very good business for greedy people. In fact, the only way you can get rich in network marketing is by helping others become rich in the process.

Help me... Help you... Get Paid to Shop

That's right... an out and out plea... Like Jerry McGuire... Help Me... Help You... AND.... and get paid to shop.

Here's where I am now.  I'm an apprentice and I am soooo excited.  I'm not excited because I'm broke and I can't get full bore started on my new business... I'm excited... because regardless of my lack of money I have been able to get started!  As Robert Kiyosaki said, "the difference between broke and poverty is ... broke is temporary..."

Today I'm broke, and tomorrow... next week... next month... in 2-3 years... we will be reading these blog posts together and laughing saying, do you remember when..... I had to start the business as an apprentice... begging people to believe in me... in the business plan... in the process... and in the future?  (pause a moment to day dream... in my day dream we are still at my house... but I don't cut my own grass anymore and someone else is folding my laundry... sigh.......)

There's a plan... a tried and true plan.  A plan that works and has worked for thousands of people who are now earning a living on their own terms... I know, I know... the people we really hear about are the people that are making 80K A MONTH.  That's great... but to get there you have to start... right?

I'm in.

Right now, I'm what is called an apprentice.  On the up side, I didn't have to spend any money and I can remain an apprentice for 1 year.   On the down side, I won't receive the money that I make until I can activate my account...

Now, to activate my account I can buy my way in.... or I can earn the money and points and then apply it.

In order to get started and get started today, I'm going to move forward with earning it.

Here's how you can help me:  for the next 30 days, when you need something online ANYTHING online, go to  and learn more about it

Here's how I can help you:
First:  You will start earning money every time you purchase something, you will notice that EVERYTHING on the site has a "cash back" value ... that is real physical money that you will receive back in a check.  That's right, you are literally getting paid to shop.

Second: When you're ready.  When you have received a few cash back checks and you think to yourself, this company rocks... I wonder what else they have to offer... then email me... I'll let you in on the most fantastic business opportunity on the planet.

For now and for the next 30 days... please just check out the site... see if you can earn some cash back... and help me build my business at the same time.

So, click on 

In the meantime.... read Robert Kiyosaki's "The Business of the 21st Century" ....  believe it or not, he is not affiliated with Market America... and you will be amazed by what he says.....................

Friday, July 27, 2012

Three more videos I want to listen to while driving

So, when I leave the office, I like to listen to encouraging audio... and who says, that audio has to be just audio! Right? So, here are some more videos... you can just access this site from yoru iphone or android phone and plug it into your car speakers and ... listen while you drive!

How to reach your goals for wealth - I found Robert Kiyosaki

Over the last couple of days I have been doing more research besides just reading the Market America website, listening to their webinars or listening to people review it on YouTube... I decided to look for independent verification that this is a viable way to make a living.

One person stands out above the rest in being vocal about changes you will have to make to be wealthy in this economy... and surprisingly, he also believes that with the small time investment of 5 years... it can be done.

In fact, there are those people that were able to turn their situations around in as little as 1 year...  Not necessarily just through Market America, but also through investing in assets.

Once of the things that I have always done is .... earn money and spend money.  Currently I am relying solely on my 401K to accumulate the wealth required to support me when I retire.  Is that going to work, probably not... actually, almost definitely not... but that's more then my best friend has.  She has told me flat out, that she is going to work until she dies.  She has told me flat out that by the time she is done with her car payment, she will be helping her oldest daughter with college, and then by the time she is done helping with that her youngest will be ready to go... in short, she will be making payments and helping this and that until the end.  She does not anticipate retiring.  ever.

I have learned a great deal over the last few days and truly believe that it is time.   Have you ever heard something and thought to yourself, "Oh, that's what so and so was trying to tell me"  Well, inside my head I just kind of hear, "Duh, of course that makes sense, how can I find out more about it"...

I am like a lot of people.  When I'm reading an informative piece, I don't want to hear the story.  I just want someone to tell understand my situation and tell me what to do.  Guess what?  Robert Kiyosaki does that.  He is education people how to rethink their monetary priorities.

Here are the top three Robert Kiyosaki clips that I've seen over the last few days ...  in the order that I viewed them... that made the most sense to me.   These YouTube clips may very well have changed my life.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Week - Market America Getting Ready to Start

Friday I have an appointment to sign up for this great opportunity.  Right now as I type I'm listening to the following explanation of the program.  This is a complete presentation and it's long but it's good.  Sit back and relax.

The best part of this video is... the amount of money this couple has earned and continues to earn in only being involved in this company for 15 years.  AND, the fact that the narrator started his distributorship BECAUSE IT JUST MADE SENSE.   Right? 

Why are you here?

Are you one of the 40% of the population that is living pay check to pay check?  

That's me. 

I get paid on Friday, I pay my bills... do the grocery shopping... then wait for next Friday. 

That's about to change. 

Follow my blog and watch the transformation of my household from that 40% to the level or comfort and stability that even in this economy I can expect! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Market America - Day 5 - My Niche

OK, it's Day 5.  I'm still not signed up as a distributor ... because I have a big party to throw tomorrow and I don't have any money nor do I really have any time to think about what needs to get done.

The nice thing is that my coach/sponsor/... Camille isn't pushing me.  She actually gave me 2 weeks to get back to her but I think I'm going to try to get this off the ground before then...  and that's mostly because one of the products that I really like is the Shape up product for kids.

AND then it dawned on me... this is a great niche.

This has me excited, so excited I've started preparing meals ... low glycemic meals... this is basically the paleo diet... the atkins diet.. the diet that will be the last diet of our lives... because this is a no brainer.  If it works... and we can find the meals that will work... then we will be done dieting and will live happily ever after.

HEY... I just had a great idea... what if, you started a restaurant called... CAVEMAN... and you only served whole grain, whole foods, low glycemic meals!  HA HA HA HA  Wouldn't that be awesome!

OK, gotta go.

Check out my new other blog:

Have a great day and enjoy these Ads about the SHAPE UP Programs.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Market America - Day 4 - More Research

Goooood Morning!

You may or may not know this week I'm broke and I'm preparing for my kids birthday party this weekend, so I haven't taken any of the 5 steps to start my Market America Business, however I am putting together my material...

Here's what I love about blogs... I can do research and store the things that I've found online in one place for me to reference later.

Today I found that Market America DOES have a non-profit program... which if I understand it correctly is pretty much the same as the regular program, I'm not sure if they are required to have the (2) distributors under them or if they are allowed to just have the website. (note to self, ask Camille)

Why would I be interested in a NPO opportunity... (yes, I would appreciate it if you would donate to me! HA HA HA HA) No... it's for the PTA at the school. Every year they send home ridiculous catalogs asking parents to buy chocolate or candy or popcorn or toys or anything... and Honestly, I was personally trying to put together the same program that Market America has (my website was And the idea was that parents would shop through this site and the school would earn the affiliate commission which in some cases was up to 10%... but there was no incentive.

Besides making money for the school... there was no incentive for the parents to want to buy from my store... However, with the opportunity... the school earns up to $3600.00 a week (or was it a month) and the parents who are shopping through the site get cash back! It's a win/win situation.

That my friends is called a niche market.

I just need to know how it would work as a distributor. I just need to know how as a distributor I would get the schools signed up... and how I would support them for success!

Anyway, here's a video explaining how it works!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Market America - Favorite Resources - Still Day 3

OK. As you know... I'm not quitting my day job, but I'm also confident that I can do anything for 12 weeks... or 1 year or even 2 years for that matter as long as along the way I am encouraged and I am compensated.

Today...'cause I am so excited about this opportunity.

Today while I was working I took a moment to day dream... I was walking somewhere to deliver something and I started to day dream...... (queue fade to black and fade in with me in the new car that we need... not just any car... but a new Ford Flex. (every time I say that I almost set up on another day dream) ... So, I was thinking about actually making enough money to be home when my kids get out of school... be able to work my schedule so I can actually help out with the book fairs or go on the field trips..... yes... it's every single parents dream ... to be there)

Anyway... I am a firm believe in positive thinking.

I think we all wake up in the morning with a choice. We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to be miserable. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we have no control over our lives or our situations and sometimes it seems almost insurmountable ... and sometimes we need help. No man is an island.... and it takes a village to raise a child.

If I teach my children nothing else, I hope I imbue in them the will to succeed and not settle... and it's important to never stop trying.

OK... so with all of those positives feelings and motivational drive I thought I would find some youtube videos ... BECAUSE I listen to the youtube presentations on my phone, through the speakers in my car when I'm driving... I KNOW I KNOW... my inner geek is showing! :)

So, I have a 20 minute drive and here is the video I listed to and a few more I listened to when I was waiting for the kids camp bus to bring them to the bus stop.

I just want to say... although I had the presentation... I didn't really get it... I didn't really understand... that the stress of living pay check to pay check is really detrimental to happiness. I mean, right this second... It's wednesday and I'm waiting to get paid. AND with that paycheck I have to buy the birthday party supplies for the birthday party that I'm throwing for the kids on Saturday... so guess what... that means Monday Morning, I'll be waiting for next friday's paycheck already.

I'm not whining... just stating a fact. Now, I have a choice. I can continue to do that or I can try to do better. I can try to work more hours to get more pay on Friday or I can try to run my own business that eventually... and ultimately will not depend on exactly how many hours I put in.

That is why Market America Appeals to me. Because I don't mind working 40 hours... or even 60 hours... but when I want to take a vacation... I don't want to have to worry because the week I'm gone, I'm not getting paid.

I literally get paid when I work. I'm an hourly employee.. I'm talented and I get paid well... but if I don't work... I don't get paid.

Without further adieu here are the videos that impressed me.

I have thumbed through and started to listen to most of the business plans... but I LOVE Bobby Cannata... because of his accent and his dynamic delivery! I find him the best...

Part One

Part Two

If you have a question or comment or want me to find something out for you... let me know

Market America - Day 3 - I got the Presentation

For many people it really boils down to the money. How much money am I going to make, versus how much money do I have to spend. I'm no different.

As a single parent of three younger children, every single penny counts... and I don't mind saying that the pennies are few and far between.

Here's the bottom line.

I loved my presenter, she was positive and lively and really nice... plus it helped that I knew her sister. She was what I would consider a friend once removed... so there is a certain level of trust and I believed her answers.

Market America has a ton of opportunities and they have several plans to reach your goals. There is a lot of support. There are a lot of people on your team and they are all making money when you make money so they are very interested in helping you succeed.


it's all very expensive.

NOW, I say very expensive because I don't have 2 nickles to rub together.

BUT... when I look at how much money I am already spending trying to do this on my own... I have to say that it may not be as bad as it sounds... and .. If I work on the 2-3 year plan, I might actually make a living at it.. right?

OK. Here are the fees and expenses as they were explained (mind you, there are a crazy number of very successful people doing this business... so you really should see a presentation to see how this is all going to work for you...)

$195.00 for your first year subscription

$20.00 for your website

No bad right?

BUT that just gets you in... you're not activated until you meet the following requirements.

#1) You have to make a big sale/purchase which will total about another $300.00. Either you are buying products to use as a demo or to use for yourself... I believe it's all about the points, you need to accumulate a certain number of points to activate

#2) You have to get 2 people as distributors under you.

Once activated you have a minimum volume you have to maintain in sales/purchases.

I think once activated you have to sell 110.00 a month in products and then once a certain level of success is met, that amount is increased to $150.00. If you don't reach those levels, then you lose the points you accumulated to that point.

THAT... originally sounded very scary to me.

**I didn't think to ask, but I am assuming the points values are higher for selling any of the Market America product lines as opposed to just getting general sales from the website, but I'm not sure. The impression I get is there are a number of different avenues for niche markets... but the Market America Products are the most lucrative earnings wise**

OK, now that we know how expensive it is... let's talk about how you make money.

#1) You earn cash back dollars when you make purchases through your website. This my friends is a standard affiliate problem.. except they have all the best stores including sears, home depot, Macy's and more. This website is what really impressed me... because as you may or may not know I have been trying to build a website like this for years... and it's absolutely beautiful and I would pay the $195.00 + 20.00 a month just to have this site!

#2) As a activated distributor you earn points. You earn points for every purchase made through you and your website. Once you have accumulated 1200 BV and IBV points (I'm a little hazy on the difference between BV and IBV... but I believe when you are a distributor you have a whole bunch of tools and your website shows you the BV and IBV points value of each item) So, once you get 1200 BV and IBV points you get a bonus check for $300.00. There are more incentives and more checks for $300.00... depending on how well you sell.

#3) It's not a pyramid its a column. So, at the point of entry I am low man on the totem pole. When I make a purchase or sell a product I get the points and everyone above me gets the points in a direct line... and we all get the same points. So, for instance, the lawnmower I was interested in was only $119.00 at Home Depot. I get paid $2.53 to buy it in cash back and I earn 11.57 points. The person that recruited me earns the 11.57 points, the person who recruited them earns 11.57 points.. and so on and so one.

#4) As a distributor actively recruiting more distributors I can create more columns under me... they will all flow through me and up to the people above in a straight line... without any attrition in points. The points are how the bonus checks are calculated. Now... it seems that your position in the column is called your "Center" ... not center as in the middle... but rather, center as in a daycare center... it's a place. It's your place in the column... It's your position in how the bonus points flow. Once your center has reached it's maximum earning potential ($3600.00 a week) You are awarded another center. You can place this center in any position in your column and you will now start earning your bonus points in 2 positions in the "flow" of points............. Keep in mind... if I'm earning $3600.00 a week... I'm a happy camper.

OK... I think I have all of that correct, in fact I'm going to send the link to this blog entry to my friend who did the presentation. Her name is Camille Re and she's great. If you're interested in more information you can visit her website at OR.... You can wait and continue to follow my blog... after all, this is just Day 3.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now... after getting all of the facts (as I remember them) down ... it's time to decide and let you know what I've decided to do.

Well, if you've been looking into the Market America website you probably already know they have a lot of partners and some "flagship" products that they sell... the product line I am particularly interested in is the weight loss product line. They have products, a program and Camille lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks... that's a Crazy weightloss... They also have a Kids Program for 10 years old and up... and that's the one I am particularly interested in marketing. That's the one I want to use and try ... and when I'm successful and people see the difference... it will be easier to sell.

So, my plan is.... (drum roll please) to start as an apprentice. I won't earn the points for the purchases towards any bonuses, but I'll get the cash back. If I remember correctly I wouldn't earn the points until I'm activated which means I would have to have (2) distributors under me anyway... So... I think I'm going to start as an apprentice and hopefully "bank" the cash back earnings in my account to go towards the subscription fee and monthly website fee (which are waived as an apprentice for 1 year)... AGAIN... without any distributors under me... and without the subscription and what not... I don't earn the points and therefore will not earn the bonus checks.

So... thinking this through.

12 week weight loss - starting today would end October 3rd... that's too late. 8 week weight loss - starting today would end September 5th. That's more like it.

My goal... is to a) lose weight and b) have enough interest and customers to maintain the selling level required to keep points earned.

THEN, September (kids will be back at school) I'm going to pay my subscription, and actively pursue recruiting distributors.

Whatta ya think?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Market American Journal - Day 2

Today is the day that my friends sister will be coming over and telling me more about the Market America opportunity. So, last night and this morning I tried and tried to find something disheartening about this opportunity.

Truly, so far, I haven't found a single legitimate scam report or report that this program is a fraud. I've checked EVERY WHERE... don't get me wrong, I ran across several blogs and Scam alerts from people that had not tried the opportunity, they didn't like the fee or the membership requirement or something else.. but really... what am I looking for?

I'm looking for someone that joined the program and left because it didn't work. I can't find anyone... the only comments I see are people that joined and stopped because they weren't making money and admitted that they weren't following the "plan" or even trying.

My biggest fear is that I'm going to be chasing down friends and family for leads... however... everything I've read so far tells me... pick a niche.

I know, I know I haven't even heard the sell yet... but I already know... this is a big world, and this is a big product... For anything this big to work... there needs to be focus.. something you feel strongly about... something you can talk about without selling.

So... today's the day. You know, tomorrow is going to be THE POST.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Market America - Day 1 - The Research

Today is the first full day since I learned about Market America.

 Tomorrow I have an appointment with the sister of a friend of mine who I read about on Facebook. (right? I know, so advertising on Facebook does work)

Anyway, I have just spent the last hour trying to find some kind of scam warning or some listings from disgruntled distributors... I can't find anything. NOTHING.

I found A LOT of websites that were apparent advertisements for this opportunity, but nothing bad. (that actually makes me more skeptical...'cause there are always people who complain) I even went as far as to check the top 5 search engines, and go to their last page and work my way backwards... nothing.

 I stayed away from the websites that were specifically designed by professionally MLM people and have the word PROFIT in the URL (those always may be suspicious anyway) but the few I read were more like advertisements! HA HA HA HA

So, Day 1... I couldn't find a single thing wrong with this program.

 Here's my thing. Currently, I am spending about $400.00 a year on website hosting reseller and domains and guess what... I break even, but I'm not getting rich... and I want to earn more then a little spending cash.

Normally, I have a NO FEE rule... it's my measure of legitimate businesses, but I also know that it costs money to have a website and provided it's a reasonable amount...

From what I see.... There is a subscription fee ($99.00 ish) then a monthly fee of $20.00... and you renew each year for $99.00. So, that's a total of $339.00 for 1 year.

Like I said, I spend about that much as a domain and hosting reseller, not to mention the my own domain registrations and things. I have already decided that I am going to give this business a 2 year trial. So, I am inviting you to join me on my journey... I'll keep you posted each day and tell you about how much time I'm spending, how much money I'm spending and how much money I'm earning. I can't think of a better way to let you know if this program is legitimate.  for more information