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My Notes and Quotes from The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

Don't be distracted by the headlines there is always going to be some idiotic buzz going on that tries to pull your attention away from the serious business of building your life. Its just noise. Whether its terrorism, recession, or the latest election-cycle scandals, its got nothing to do with what you need to be3 doing to da6 ot build your future.

The economy is not the issue. The issue is you.

As a network marketer, you might think your job is to demonstrate and sell a product. It's not. Your job is to communicate information, to tell a great story and build a network.

Many of the most successful network marketers I've ever seen have been coaches, moms, pastors, teachers -- people who really enjoy telling stories and helping others. Network marketing is about caring about the success of those your bring into the business.

It's not sales... the key success to sales is what you can do... the key success to network marketing is what you can duplicate.

"If you don't really have to be a top salesperson, ,and you don't have to be an expert speaker or presenter, what do you do? Why does the company even need you?

Your Network. That's why it's called network marketing. that why the company needs you and why they pay you. As a network marketer your job description so to speak is to connect with people, invite them to experience the products you are excited about and take a look at the information you have, and then follow u p with them. then once they've decided to join you in the business, you share with them y our enthusiasm, your experiences, and you help them learn to do what you have learned to do,. Here again, there are digital tools that can take a huge amount of the burden and expertise of training off your shoulders. Your job is to build relationships, have conversations, explorer possibilities, get to know people and help them get to understand what this business is all about.

In Network marketing you are the messenger... not the message

If you have ever helped build a soccer league, PTA group, chess club, taken part in a political campaign, church committee coached little league or formed your own band... then you know what it's like building a network.

Very few people are skilled at selling but practically anyone can become skilled at networking, coaching and team building.

The military develops a leader who inspires men and women to defend their country. the world of business develops a type of leader who builds teams to beat the competition... Network Marketing tends to develop the type of leader who influences others by being a great teacher, teaching others to fulfill their life's dreams by teaching others to go for their dreams.

Instead of beating the enemy or beating the competition, most network marketing leaders simply inspire and teach others to find the financial bounty this world offers without harm to others.

Traditional schools train you to be a good employee. They focus on one thing only:your mental ability. If you can solve equations and do well on tests, then you're considered smart enough to run a company... that's ridiculous.

Wealth and money are not the same thing. wealth is not measured by the3 size of income. Wealth is measured in time. If all I have to my name is $1000.00 and my living expenses are $100.00 a day, then my wealth equals 10 days.

One reason the rich get richer is that the rich work for a different kind of money. they don't work to generate income -- they work to build wealth. There is a vast different between the two.

One of the most profound values of a network marketing business -- and it is one that the great majority of people who look at this business do not quote grasp -- is that it is an engine of personal wealth creation.

4 simple steps that Robert Kiyosaki took with his wife to financial freedom from having nothing to being financial free in 9 years:

1. build a business

2. reinvest in your business

3. invest in real estate (They purchased apartment houses because they were the best tax write offs

4. Let your assets buy luxuries

One of the most valuable things about network marketing is that they stress the importance of going for your dreams. Notice, I didn't say, "The importance of having dreams" They don't just want you to have dreams they want you to live those dreams.

What's more, they encourage you to dream big.

Traditional businesses are often not too keen on you having big dreams, they prefer modest dreams: brief summer vacation, maybe a small time share, hobby you enjoy, game of golf on Sunday... nothing wrong with that... but it's a small life compared to dreaming big.

That's the difference between "I can't afford that" and "How can I afford that?"

There are plenty of people that try to smother dreams without meaning to, but their words are deadly:

You can't do that

That's too risky

If it's such a good idea, why hasn't someone else done it

Let me tell you why it won't work

Do you know how hard that is

do you know h9ow many people have failed at that

Look at people that are saying that... and decide.. if they are people that have already given up on their dreams.

Network Marketing is a powerful business for women.,. it is populated b nearly 4 times more women then men.

Network marketing is at it's core s relationship business. it does not revolve around sales... it revolves around connections.

Statistics about women:

47 percent of women over 50 are single, and financially responsible for themselves. women retirement income is less than that of men because as the primary care giver they are usually away from the work force an average of 14 years.

Women are expected to live an average of 7 - 10 years longer than men which means they must provide for those extra years

of the elderly living in poverty, 3 out of 4 are women.

approximately 7 out of every 10 women will some time live in poverty

Wealth building is a necessity.

How to choose which network marketing opportunity to join

When choosing a company to work with, the product is NOT the most important consideration

because, you are NOT taking a job as a sales person.. you are going into business for yourself and that business is in network building.

the question you need to ask is " Is this company going to help me learn to become a master network builder'

look carefully, many network marketing companies say they have great educational plans, but not all do. IN some companies that were looked into, the only training they had was a recommended book list and they focused on training you to recruit your friends and family.

ask yourself about the company

Who's running the ship

Does the company offer a proven plan of action

does the company embrace both business skills and personal development as a regular part of its educational and training programs

does the company have a strong high quality and highly marketing product line that you can be passionate about

don't be fooled by people telling you that the trick to getting rich is being with a brand new company or a 5 year old company ora35 year old company. there is no magic formula. What you want is a company that gives you clear signs that it's going  to be there for the long haul.

Proven Plan of Action

The most lucrative and viable network marketing opportunities will not expect you to reinvent the wheel. Instead they will offer plans of action to help you create the success you're after. For example, a training guide that will have suggested daily and weekly activities


Make sure the company places a high value on regular training both in business skills, character development and personal growth

Quality product

Even if it's not consideration no 1. the company's product is critically important

Democratic wealth building

A network marketing system is setup to make it possible for anyone to share in the wealth. The system is open to anyone who has drive, determination and perseverance.

Network marketing is more than just a good idea, in many ways, it is the business model of the future, Why because the world is finally starting to awaken to the reality that the industrial age is over.

despite what its detractors will tell you, network marketing is not a very good business for greedy people. In fact, the only way you can get rich in network marketing is by helping others become rich in the process.

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