Friday, July 27, 2012

How to reach your goals for wealth - I found Robert Kiyosaki

Over the last couple of days I have been doing more research besides just reading the Market America website, listening to their webinars or listening to people review it on YouTube... I decided to look for independent verification that this is a viable way to make a living.

One person stands out above the rest in being vocal about changes you will have to make to be wealthy in this economy... and surprisingly, he also believes that with the small time investment of 5 years... it can be done.

In fact, there are those people that were able to turn their situations around in as little as 1 year...  Not necessarily just through Market America, but also through investing in assets.

Once of the things that I have always done is .... earn money and spend money.  Currently I am relying solely on my 401K to accumulate the wealth required to support me when I retire.  Is that going to work, probably not... actually, almost definitely not... but that's more then my best friend has.  She has told me flat out, that she is going to work until she dies.  She has told me flat out that by the time she is done with her car payment, she will be helping her oldest daughter with college, and then by the time she is done helping with that her youngest will be ready to go... in short, she will be making payments and helping this and that until the end.  She does not anticipate retiring.  ever.

I have learned a great deal over the last few days and truly believe that it is time.   Have you ever heard something and thought to yourself, "Oh, that's what so and so was trying to tell me"  Well, inside my head I just kind of hear, "Duh, of course that makes sense, how can I find out more about it"...

I am like a lot of people.  When I'm reading an informative piece, I don't want to hear the story.  I just want someone to tell understand my situation and tell me what to do.  Guess what?  Robert Kiyosaki does that.  He is education people how to rethink their monetary priorities.

Here are the top three Robert Kiyosaki clips that I've seen over the last few days ...  in the order that I viewed them... that made the most sense to me.   These YouTube clips may very well have changed my life.


  1. Wenda, Excellent videos! I love Robert Kiyosaki. His book "Business of the 21 Century" is amazing and I hope you feel even more confident that you are making the right decision on you new business venture. I am looking forward to be working with you and creating a new journey toward your path of success.

    I believe in you.

  2. Thanks Camille. He really is bringing financial education "to the people" :)