Thursday, August 16, 2012

Market America 1 Month Update - Network Marketing with

Hey.... it's been exactly 1 month. Here's the update

#1) Still an apprentice. (which means that I haven't activated my distributor account by either buying and getting my systems or earning enough retail on the Market America products to buy in)

#2) I have been using the isotonix multivitamin and OPC-3 for about 2 weeks now and feel great! The multi-vitamins have really given me a lot of energy.

#3) I watched the DVD for the Kids Shape-up with my daughter to see if she's interested in working with that program for 12 weeks to get healthy

#4) I've now read the following books by Robert Kiyosaki:  Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Business of the 21st Century and I'm currently reading The Cash Flow Quandrant

#5) 1 customer.  She started by borrowing my multi-vitamin and now is using the OPC3... I know she will be interested in signing up for automatic delivery, once she decides what she wants.

Actually, when I see this list, I'm very encouraged.  I was a little hesitant to write this post because I didn't really think my first month was a success... but now that I look at my 4 achievements, I'm very encouraged.

First of all, I'm a single parent with 3 younger children. It's summer, so I have the added expense of all day child care while the I work.  I think I've accomplished a lot with my available time and resources.

I am the quintessential person living paycheck to paycheck... in fact, sometimes... after grocery shopping on payday and paying the bills... I have nothing.. literally 0 until the next payday.

The problem is ... if I don't work, I don't get paid.

I realized through reading Robert Kiyosaki's books is that the reason all of my attempts at entrepreneurship have  "failed" is because I think like an employee...  I am letting the money rule my life and as a result.. when I know that I am going to be earning extra... I make plans for it.  I make plans to CONSUME it.

Instead of consuming the extra money, I should be making plans to invest it in a way that will make me money.

For instance, I recall thinking about some Google Adsense earnings I was expecting this year and thought ... I can't wait to get that check and put that towards summer camp.  BUT, infact, I would have been thinking more along the lines of ... I can't wait until I have $???? so that I can invest it.

Now... I'm TOTALLY new to investing and I haven't figured any of it out... I just know that... there's a way in today's economy to make money.  Whether it's real estate investment or gold or silver... I'm working on figuring that out while I am working on earning the money to move forward.

OK, Back to Market America

So, here's what I do every day.

Every day, I find several videos about Market America and and their products on Youtube.  I get them queued in my android cell phone, then I listen to them in my car when I'm on my way to work.

I like to listen to the conventions, and like to listen to different people present the business plan, and if there were a place where I could just listen to webinars on my way to work it would be great.

PLUS, my sponsor Camille is fan-freaking-tastic.  She is bubbly, informative and filled with energy.

I'm very fortunate to be in this group and to have this team around me.  I can't wait to start going to trainings and meetings!

Woooo Hoooo...
That's my one month mark.

According to the fast track, I need to talk to 10 people each week.   I realized I'm a little reluctant because I don't have my own portal yet, but I know that camille will make sure anyone that registers through me goes to me!

If you're reading this because you're thinking about Market America... you can subscribe to my blog and you'll get my updates in your email. 

If you want to join this huge crazy successful team... go to

Thanks... enjoy

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  1. Wenda You are amazing! I can't wait to get you really rocking!!! I can't wait to introduce you to my team! They are going to have a blast with you! And... you have only had just a small taste! See you later today!