Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Market America - 2 months later

So, let me tell you how it's going.

First:  I entered Market America as an apprentice.  That means, that without spending any money I can reserve my place in the bonus earning hierarchy.   As an apprentice, the profit from retail sales goes into an account that accumulates AND when I am able to activate myself, I will get that money. 

My plan was simple.  Earn money to go towards a fast track startup. roughly $399.00

If you've spoken to or have been doing research on Market American, the initial expense may seem daunting.  Honestly, I'm living pay check to pay check, and during the summer some paychecks are leaner then others because the kids aren't in school and the child care expenses increase.  SO, having an opportunity to start my own business and work towards a "quick buy in" were key.

Here's the thing.  I could have started the business, but without have two people below me  (which means recruiting two people) I wouldn't have been activated.  With the fast start, I can buy (3) of my own businesses, which automatically activates me. :)  So, once activated I start accumulating points.  It's quick, it's easy, it's just a little pricey...  That's why I chose the Apprentice option. 

Turns out it was the best choice... because my sponsor has told me that there are already 2 people registered under me. :)  YEAH!

Second:  My next challenge is to find THE product in Market America that I can really rap my arms around, something that I can believe in wholeheartedly.  Personally, I'm a solutions person.  I'm not a sales person. I like to see problems and find solutions so when I started looking at the Market America products, I had to think about things in my own life that I wanted to solve. 

The first thing I tried were the Isotonix multi-vitamins, they ROCK.  I have never felt so good in my life.  Then I tried the OPC-3, now, while I can't really notice anything different, I'm told that I will fare much better this flu season then previous years... so while the jury is still out on my personal OPC-3 benefits, I can tell you without a doubt that the Isotonix Multi-vitamin has made a big difference in my life. I feel great, I have more energy.

The second thing I tried (and am still doing) is the TLS Slim Fit program.  It's a 12 week weight loss program. I happen to join during the weight loss challenge, which actually has a monetary prize.  The first prize team will will 25K and the first prize individual will win 5K... that's awesome.  As if I needed any other motivation to lose the "baby weight" which I've been dragging around with me for 8 years ('cause that's how old my youngest baby is) ...  So far, I'm into week 2 of the program and I've lost a solid 10 pounds.  I'm onto the second phase of the program and remarkably still losing weight!  LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

Back to the Plan.
Network Marketing is about the story... but not the "story" like a political campaign story... it's about ... a real story told by someone whose character and values are trustworthy and not because they sound good... but because they are good.

No one, no matter how much they want to lose weight, is going to buy something from me because I tell them that it works.  However, I can show them that it works.  I can lose 30 pounds and demonstrate in the simplest way, that if I can do it... you can do it...   I can support them.   I can help them.  I can provide them with a solution... and that's what I love. Solving problems.

My weight loss challenge is over in 10 weeks.

My goal is to get 1 new preferred customer a week, in those 10 weeks.  I'm not saying I'm going to sign up 10 distributors, no, I'm saying I want 10 new people to register on my Market America Website as preferred customers.

I'll let you know how I do.

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