Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Market America - Favorite Resources - Still Day 3

OK. As you know... I'm not quitting my day job, but I'm also confident that I can do anything for 12 weeks... or 1 year or even 2 years for that matter as long as along the way I am encouraged and I am compensated.

Today...'cause I am so excited about this opportunity.

Today while I was working I took a moment to day dream... I was walking somewhere to deliver something and I started to day dream...... (queue fade to black and fade in with me in the new car that we need... not just any car... but a new Ford Flex. (every time I say that I almost set up on another day dream) ... So, I was thinking about actually making enough money to be home when my kids get out of school... be able to work my schedule so I can actually help out with the book fairs or go on the field trips..... yes... it's every single parents dream ... to be there)

Anyway... I am a firm believe in positive thinking.

I think we all wake up in the morning with a choice. We can choose to be happy, or we can choose to be miserable. Sometimes we convince ourselves that we have no control over our lives or our situations and sometimes it seems almost insurmountable ... and sometimes we need help. No man is an island.... and it takes a village to raise a child.

If I teach my children nothing else, I hope I imbue in them the will to succeed and not settle... and it's important to never stop trying.

OK... so with all of those positives feelings and motivational drive I thought I would find some youtube videos ... BECAUSE I listen to the youtube presentations on my phone, through the speakers in my car when I'm driving... I KNOW I KNOW... my inner geek is showing! :)

So, I have a 20 minute drive and here is the video I listed to and a few more I listened to when I was waiting for the kids camp bus to bring them to the bus stop.

I just want to say... although I had the presentation... I didn't really get it... I didn't really understand... that the stress of living pay check to pay check is really detrimental to happiness. I mean, right this second... It's wednesday and I'm waiting to get paid. AND with that paycheck I have to buy the birthday party supplies for the birthday party that I'm throwing for the kids on Saturday... so guess what... that means Monday Morning, I'll be waiting for next friday's paycheck already.

I'm not whining... just stating a fact. Now, I have a choice. I can continue to do that or I can try to do better. I can try to work more hours to get more pay on Friday or I can try to run my own business that eventually... and ultimately will not depend on exactly how many hours I put in.

That is why Market America Appeals to me. Because I don't mind working 40 hours... or even 60 hours... but when I want to take a vacation... I don't want to have to worry because the week I'm gone, I'm not getting paid.

I literally get paid when I work. I'm an hourly employee.. I'm talented and I get paid well... but if I don't work... I don't get paid.

Without further adieu here are the videos that impressed me.

I have thumbed through and started to listen to most of the business plans... but I LOVE Bobby Cannata... because of his accent and his dynamic delivery! I find him the best...

Part One

Part Two

If you have a question or comment or want me to find something out for you... let me know

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