Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Market America - Day 3 - I got the Presentation

For many people it really boils down to the money. How much money am I going to make, versus how much money do I have to spend. I'm no different.

As a single parent of three younger children, every single penny counts... and I don't mind saying that the pennies are few and far between.

Here's the bottom line.

I loved my presenter, she was positive and lively and really nice... plus it helped that I knew her sister. She was what I would consider a friend once removed... so there is a certain level of trust and I believed her answers.

Market America has a ton of opportunities and they have several plans to reach your goals. There is a lot of support. There are a lot of people on your team and they are all making money when you make money so they are very interested in helping you succeed.


it's all very expensive.

NOW, I say very expensive because I don't have 2 nickles to rub together.

BUT... when I look at how much money I am already spending trying to do this on my own... I have to say that it may not be as bad as it sounds... and .. If I work on the 2-3 year plan, I might actually make a living at it.. right?

OK. Here are the fees and expenses as they were explained (mind you, there are a crazy number of very successful people doing this business... so you really should see a presentation to see how this is all going to work for you...)

$195.00 for your first year subscription

$20.00 for your website

No bad right?

BUT that just gets you in... you're not activated until you meet the following requirements.

#1) You have to make a big sale/purchase which will total about another $300.00. Either you are buying products to use as a demo or to use for yourself... I believe it's all about the points, you need to accumulate a certain number of points to activate

#2) You have to get 2 people as distributors under you.

Once activated you have a minimum volume you have to maintain in sales/purchases.

I think once activated you have to sell 110.00 a month in products and then once a certain level of success is met, that amount is increased to $150.00. If you don't reach those levels, then you lose the points you accumulated to that point.

THAT... originally sounded very scary to me.

**I didn't think to ask, but I am assuming the points values are higher for selling any of the Market America product lines as opposed to just getting general sales from the website, but I'm not sure. The impression I get is there are a number of different avenues for niche markets... but the Market America Products are the most lucrative earnings wise**

OK, now that we know how expensive it is... let's talk about how you make money.

#1) You earn cash back dollars when you make purchases through your website. This my friends is a standard affiliate problem.. except they have all the best stores including sears, home depot, Macy's and more. This website is what really impressed me... because as you may or may not know I have been trying to build a website like this for years... and it's absolutely beautiful and I would pay the $195.00 + 20.00 a month just to have this site!

#2) As a activated distributor you earn points. You earn points for every purchase made through you and your website. Once you have accumulated 1200 BV and IBV points (I'm a little hazy on the difference between BV and IBV... but I believe when you are a distributor you have a whole bunch of tools and your website shows you the BV and IBV points value of each item) So, once you get 1200 BV and IBV points you get a bonus check for $300.00. There are more incentives and more checks for $300.00... depending on how well you sell.

#3) It's not a pyramid its a column. So, at the point of entry I am low man on the totem pole. When I make a purchase or sell a product I get the points and everyone above me gets the points in a direct line... and we all get the same points. So, for instance, the lawnmower I was interested in was only $119.00 at Home Depot. I get paid $2.53 to buy it in cash back and I earn 11.57 points. The person that recruited me earns the 11.57 points, the person who recruited them earns 11.57 points.. and so on and so one.

#4) As a distributor actively recruiting more distributors I can create more columns under me... they will all flow through me and up to the people above in a straight line... without any attrition in points. The points are how the bonus checks are calculated. Now... it seems that your position in the column is called your "Center" ... not center as in the middle... but rather, center as in a daycare center... it's a place. It's your place in the column... It's your position in how the bonus points flow. Once your center has reached it's maximum earning potential ($3600.00 a week) You are awarded another center. You can place this center in any position in your column and you will now start earning your bonus points in 2 positions in the "flow" of points............. Keep in mind... if I'm earning $3600.00 a week... I'm a happy camper.

OK... I think I have all of that correct, in fact I'm going to send the link to this blog entry to my friend who did the presentation. Her name is Camille Re and she's great. If you're interested in more information you can visit her website at OR.... You can wait and continue to follow my blog... after all, this is just Day 3.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now... after getting all of the facts (as I remember them) down ... it's time to decide and let you know what I've decided to do.

Well, if you've been looking into the Market America website you probably already know they have a lot of partners and some "flagship" products that they sell... the product line I am particularly interested in is the weight loss product line. They have products, a program and Camille lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks... that's a Crazy weightloss... They also have a Kids Program for 10 years old and up... and that's the one I am particularly interested in marketing. That's the one I want to use and try ... and when I'm successful and people see the difference... it will be easier to sell.

So, my plan is.... (drum roll please) to start as an apprentice. I won't earn the points for the purchases towards any bonuses, but I'll get the cash back. If I remember correctly I wouldn't earn the points until I'm activated which means I would have to have (2) distributors under me anyway... So... I think I'm going to start as an apprentice and hopefully "bank" the cash back earnings in my account to go towards the subscription fee and monthly website fee (which are waived as an apprentice for 1 year)... AGAIN... without any distributors under me... and without the subscription and what not... I don't earn the points and therefore will not earn the bonus checks.

So... thinking this through.

12 week weight loss - starting today would end October 3rd... that's too late. 8 week weight loss - starting today would end September 5th. That's more like it.

My goal... is to a) lose weight and b) have enough interest and customers to maintain the selling level required to keep points earned.

THEN, September (kids will be back at school) I'm going to pay my subscription, and actively pursue recruiting distributors.

Whatta ya think?

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